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Client Reviews

"This is to thank you for the settlement and relator award .... Thank you for all you do to bring more justice in a world where it's needed so badly."

-- David D., Hong Kong, client

"I was referred to Mark Strauss for my whistleblower case by another respected attorney. Mark's professionalism and expertise were apparent from our first meeting and throughout the handling of the case. It was a long process, but he was at my side the entire time, went above and beyond, and got a great result. I recommend him highly."

-- Ken K., Great Neck, N.Y., client

Judicial Reviews

"This has been an extraordinarily well-tried case. I want to thank counsel ...."

-- Hon. Edgardo Ramos, United States District Court Judge, Southern District of New York

"I enjoyed the argument. This is a well briefed, well argued case, which I don't get all the time. So I express my appreciation to ... counsel ...."

-- Hon. Carla R. Bebault, United States District Court Judge, District of Minnesota

Peer Reviews

"Mark is a zealous advocate for justice. His dogged efforts have led to substantial recoveries for his whistleblower and securities litigation clients. If you are looking for an attorney who is not afraid to face Goliath, Mark is the one."

-- Christopher Studebaker, Esq.

"Mark excels at everything he does, trials, client relations, technical challenges, you name it. His clients both respect and feel deep affection for him."

-- Joshua Friedman, Esq.